Work --

I have started working for myself now, with the mentorship of my brother. 
His boutique/business is Members Only Houston.
Check what we have to offer. 


I was recently commissioned to shoot for a steel company called MadRax here in Austin. These are what they chose from the shots I sent them. They're very simple pictures, but it was a job and I'm proud of the outcome. Once I build up more commissioned work then I'm sure I'll post it. For now, it's just the artistic pictures I've taken. 

- PR

I found a piece of perfection in the linen of my bed.
I invited it in, and gave it a clean shirt to sleep in
               because perfection looks best in my shirts

We went out for breakfast
But my toast was plastic and the coffee was just water
               ...dreams feel best when you havent had perfection.

I can never find you. 




I'm focusing on trying to brand myself, and create a portfolio to make myself easily marketable. So far, I've put together this site, and I'm going to try to film some commercial type videos soon. It's senior year and I cant be lazy. Meanwhile, here's this film pic of a cloud, cause....Sunday.




I dont know how often I'll even be keeping this up to date. But It'll be somewhat of a blog. I finally quit procrastinating on launching my site, so feel free to snoop. Also, if theres anything you dont like, it'd be cool to let me know in the submissions on the Contact page.